Ballistix and L5. That’s what’s up.

We’ve extended our sponsorship of the L5 Heroes of the Storm™ squad, a.k.a. Team Ballistix*, through the 2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship season!

Team Ballistix has delivered fantastic results for us over the last two years. We’re excited to continue our commitment to the Heroes of the Storm scene through Team Ballistix, and it’s been great getting to know the individual players. Each one on the 2018 roster has the skills and personality that are Built to Win™ and we’re proud to support them!

We all hope you’re as excited for this announcement as we are. Cheer on Ballistix in the 2018 HGC season and follow along:

Meet Team Ballistix


Seung-Chul Kim


Jeong Ha Lee


Jong Hoon Park


Hyun Tae Kim


Jin Hwan Kim


Minwoo An
Team Manager


Patrick F Soulliere II
Micron, Global eSports/Gaming Marketing Manager

*See what we did with the team name, there? Here’s a small peek behind the curtain at Ballistix, free of charge: We spent hours in meetings discussing names and really got the creative juices flowing. We’re talking visual aids like charts with arrows (generally pointing up and to the right), Venn diagrams, and paper pads on easels that really lend themselves to underlining specific words with authority. You see, in marketing, the goal is truly maximizing optimization and we feel like we really optimized our maximizationness here. When the lightning bolt of creativity strikes, you just try to catch a little spark! Amirite, people?! If we could bottle it up and sell it in small cups for 25 cents on hot summer days, you know we would!

“I am so excited to work with this team again heading into 2018! This team has shown that when they come to a tournament, people expect them to be one of the top contenders to win the whole thing. This was important for me personally – I don’t want a team that shows up with only the intention of taking a couple upsets, I want the team that everyone looks at to win the entire event. We are that team, and we will keep being that team for all of 2018! I just can’t wait to tune in each week to see Team Ballistix slaying nerds in the nexus!”

- Patrick “ESVDiamond” Soulliere II, Ballistix Global Gaming/eSports Marketing Manager