Built To Win

Stories that shape esports


Champions relive the emotions, the strategy, and the first-hand experience of how they prevailed on the main stage in the Built to Win series. Hear the stories straight from the pros.

Episode 1:

The Frankfurt Major

The Epic Rise of OG with N0tail and Fly in Dota 2®

Today, the longest duo in Dota 2 history are fierce rivals. N0tail and Fly have brought us some of the most memorable moments in Dota 2 but none more timeless than the rise of OG. This episode is the last filmed footage of the two together as OG, and was shot in their gaming house in Berlin.

Player info


  • Pro since 2012
  •  Support
  •  “It definitely had that big tournament hype that you usually only used to get. … These Dota tournaments that were just extra, extra large – when they add up to when you walk on stage with a little bit of smoke here and there, you definitely feel like this is really important.”


  • Pro since 2012
  • Captain of OG at Frankfurt Major
  • “I remember Cr1t, who’s very stoic, very quiet. He banged his hands on the table – it was the Cr1t rage, like screaming, and you had never heard this guy screaming. Ever. It doesn’t happen.”

Episode 2:

The Perfect Split

Unexpected Dominance: FNATIC’s 18 straight in the Split 


18. In. A. Row. YellOwStaR tells the story of the 2015 Summer Split, when FNATIC proved teamwork is greater than experience. See how team chemistry – and a lot of raw talent – turned the League of Legends® world upside-down.

Players info


  • Retired in 2016 after five-year career
  • Support
  • “It was really not easy at all because no one really believed in me. I really wanted to prove them wrong. And I really wanted to make an upset.”