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BUILDER: Bennyboy

Bennyboy just cracked open one of his coolest mods yet.

The Kegputer combines two of the best things in existence – gaming and cold beverages – and made its debut at PDXLAN in July 2017. 


Parts List

RAM 4 x Ballistix® Elite 8GB, DDR4-3200 Gaming Memory
Storage 4 x 1TB Crucial® MX300 SSDs
CPU Intel® Core™ i7-7700K processor
Motherboard ASUS® ROG STRIX Z270G
Power supply unit 1,000-watt SilverStone® Strider ST1000
GPUs 2 x NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition
Cooling 2 x PrimoChill® 240mm EximoSX slim radiators - Candy Copper
PrimoChill® CPU block
PrimoChill® D5 pump
EK-GTX1080 TI water blocks
PrimoChill® Rigid PETG tube
PrimoChill® RevolverSX fittings
PrimoChill® custom beer-colored coolant
Display BenQ® 32-inch 4K Designer Monitor PD3200U

About the build

See the amazing detail Bennyboy crafted into the Kegputer in the videos below and enjoy responsibly!

About the builder

About Bennyboy, the PC brewmaster

Bennyboy’s been a Ballistix team member since 2013 and is also a professional PC modder and happy hour aficionado. He’s concocted some truly incredible mods like the Caged Heart and Midnight Tower, and also showed you how to build a bat-themed gaming PC.

Based in Boise, Idaho, you may have even received some friendly tech support advice from him!