BUILDERS: Darth Beavis and BennyBoy

The Ballistix® Tactical Tracer RGB empowers makers to create computers that reflect who they ‭are, and the Big Tactical Tracer RGB Computer truly showcases this customization. Modders ‭DarthBeavis and BennyBoy bring the tailor-made laser cutouts, RGB lighting, and ingenuity to ‭PDXLAN 2018.

Parts List

RAM 4 x Ballistix® Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB, DDR4-3000 Gaming Memory    
Storage 2 x Crucial® MX500 1TB SSDs    
CPU Intel® Core™ i7-7700K
Motherboard GIGABYTE® GA-Z270N-Gaming 5
Power supply unit Thermaltake® 500w ATX
GPUs Zotac GeFORCE® GTX 1070
Cooling Custom modded Swiftech® H220 CPU cooler

About the build

About the builders

About Richard Surroz, aka Darth Beavis

A long time professional modder, his career is as old as modding itself – some would say he even invented the concept. Richard has been building custom computers for Ballistix since the brand has existed, and continues to think outside the box when it comes to custom creations. Richard and his work partner, Travis Jank, started Nerdy Ninjas as a high-end modding partnership that has been featured on TV shows like The Vanilla Ice Project, and has built high-end mods such as the Tracer build. Richard has been a regular attendee of PDXLAN in Portland, Oregon, where you can frequently find him with a new monster creations at every event. Using laser-cutting techniques and insane loop bending skills, Richard's creations will often push the boundaries of what modding is. 

About Bennyboy

Bennyboy’s been a Ballistix team member since 2013 and is also a professional PC modder and happy hour aficionado. He’s concocted some truly incredible mods like the Caged Heart and Midnight Tower, and also showed you how to build a bat-themed gaming PC.

Based in Boise, Idaho, you may have even received some friendly tech support advice from him!