The three benefits of Ballistix
heat spreaders

Protect memory components while still looking good

One constant in gaming is change. Change affects graphics and gameplay – and your heat spreader. Originally, the high voltages of DDR and DDR2 memory technology required modules to include heat spreaders, which helped dissipate high memory temperatures. However, since DDR3 and DDR4 technology use less voltage, newer modules are able to stay cooler. And with less need for thermal dissipation, heat spreaders have evolved and now act mostly as module covers.

As memory technology has matured, Ballistix heat spreaders now serve three integral purposes:

1. Add style to your rig

Before you ever experience the speed and performance of Ballistix, you’ll notice the unique heat spreaders. Our aggressive heat spreader designs represent the speed, performance, and reliability that each module is engineered for, so your rig looks fantastic as you rain fire on the opposition. Ballistix heat spreaders give your system a look you’ll want to show off – and a look that’s designed to complement popular gaming motherboards.

2. Protect memory components

Ballistix modules use choice components and go through extensive quality and reliability testing before they leave our doors. Heat spreaders shield these premium components from dust and debris, both of which can hinder memory performance and longevity, and protect sensitive components from improper handling.

3. Improve thermal dissipation

Previous generation memory technology required higher voltages to operate. Here’s how voltage requirements have changed over time with memory technology:

The higher voltages found in older technology created more heat, which raised your temperatures to higher than normal levels and put your system’s components at risk of overheating. Since newer technology is more energy-efficient, it decreases the amount of heat produced by the memory, and reduces the need for thermal dissipation.

Commanding Ballistix heat spreaders instill the confidence you need in your memory, affirmed by the blistering speed, high performance, and top-notch reliability Ballistix is known for. Don’t settle for anything less.