How to maximize CPU clearance and memory efficiency

Add valuable internal space to your rig with low profile gaming memory

Storage, graphics cards, cables, and cooling fans make every cubic inch of motherboard space valuable – especially in small form factor builds. When those components smother your memory and CPU and raise system temperatures, you lose performance and efficiency. Liberate your rig from space restrictions and improve airflow with Ballistix low profile (LP) modules, which are shorter in height than standard-size modules.

DDR3 module height comparison

Module height is often an issue in gaming rigs since oversized gaming CPU coolers can create clearance issues or block access to memory slots. Ballistix Sport VLP modules are 18.8mm tall, and Ballistix Tactical LP modules measure 24.5mm tall. Compare this to the competition:

Ballistix® Sport VLP
Ballistix® Tactical LP
Corsair® Vengeance LP

Height [mm]





DDR3 efficiency comparison

The JEDEC standard for DDR3L voltage is 1.35V, which is lower than the introductory rate of DDR3 (1.5V). With this in mind, Sport VLP and Tactical LP modules offer two power profiles: a 1.35V profile to limit the amount of heat in your rig, and a standard DDR3 1.5V profile that’s compatible with a wider range of systems.


Ballistix low profile memory is ideal when you have:

  • Limited clearance around CPU coolers
  • Heat-sensitive builds that require less voltage
  • Confined spaces and/or a small form factor

Ballistix® Elite DDR4 height and efficiency comparison

Along with faster speeds, DDR4 technology also reduces the energy used by memory modules. Ballistix Elite DDR4 modules are 5mm smaller than Elite DDR3 modules for improved clearance and airflow. Check out the comparison:


Ballistix® Elite DDR3

Ballistix® Elite DDR4

Height [mm]



Voltage [V]


1.2 and 1.35

Speed [MT/s]



Maximize motherboard space with low profile memory

No matter what type of memory technology you’re using, you can maximize CPU clearance and improve airflow with Ballistix VLP and LP performance memory. If you have a DDR3-capable system, reduce your memory’s height and voltage with Sport VLP or Tactical LP. If you have a DDR4-capable system, Elite DDR4 modules are smaller in height than Elite DDR3 modules and use lower voltages while delivering extremely fast speeds.

*Speeds are expected to increase as DDR4 technology matures.