How Ballistix is built to win™

Game unrestrained with Micron® reliability

Quality and reliability matter. It doesn’t matter how fast or stylish your memory is if it fails. That’s why we extensively monitor performance and reliability as we create Ballistix DRAM modules – to give you gaming memory that delivers a commanding and enduring edge on the competition. As the only major brand of gaming memory that’s part of a major memory manufacturer (Micron), and able to build and test products from silicon to finished module, Ballistix brings you the proven performance and reliability that pro gamers build with to win. Here’s how we do it.


Phase 1: Component testing

Before Ballistix modules are even assembled, we rigorously test each and every component that goes into our gaming memory. Since we’re a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, we have thousands of engineers and analysts that work together to source choice components for our modules. Once we’ve identified the choice components on a die, we extensively test them before use – just to be sure.


Phase 2: Module testing

After the components have been assembled onto the module, the unit as a whole undergoes various electrical and synthetic tests to ensure functionality. This is the phase where we answer the question, “Will this module stand up to the rigors of 24/7 gaming?” Once a “Yes” is clear, we move the module to a new series of tests to validate its performance and compatibility. In performance testing, we make certain that the module runs at our rated specs.


Phase 3: Compatibility testing

In compatibility testing, we ensure that Ballistix modules are compatible with the latest motherboards and chipsets. If a module doesn’t meet or exceed the performance and compatibility standards that we publish, then it doesn’t leave our doors.