Ballistix. Built to win.

Game. Destroy. Win. For more than a decade, Ballistix has injected speed and style into PC gaming in a way that can't be imitated. As the only major brand of gaming memory that builds and tests products from start to finish, Ballistix brings you the proven performance and reliability that pro gamers build with.






Build a killer machine

Every detail of Ballistix design, testing, and performance is scrutinized because hardcore gaming is about taking advantage of every performance nuance. It starts with aggressive, militaristic heat spreaders and bleeds into the specs. Ballistix is faster and has lower latencies than regular PC hardware so you can strike first and game in real time, not lag time.






Every game a GG

Gaming requires awareness – of yourself, your enemies, and your surroundings. Ballistix is in the middle of the action, collaborating with our allies, and gathering intelligence by gaming on and off the clock. We watch eSports regularly and supply professional gaming teams with the hardware they need to win.







Clinch the victory

As the only brand of gaming memory that’s part of a major manufacturer, we deliver the quality, expertise, and reliability that gamers can’t get anywhere else. For more than 10 years, Ballistix has screened and tested silicon, wafers, and die in Micron fabs before they ever become components. We deliver the quality advantage that pro teams push to the limit and reviewers from top gaming outlets have been praising for over a decade.






Winners never give in

Gaming happens around the clock, every second of the day. Our tenacity and our products never let up, enabling you to stay aggressive and game without restraint as you expand your empire. When you’re pushing your rig to its limits, our exclusively designed M.O.D. Utility monitors the temperatures of your memory so you can sustain extreme levels of performance. Build to win – with Ballistix.






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